Your Financial Journey Starts Here!


We want to be our member's financial choice for life.


We are committed to honoring traditional credit union values while utilizing innovation to provide an exceptional member experience. 

完整性: We will honor our commitments to our members and to each other. We will also accept personal responsibility for our actions, ensuring accountability and integrity in everything we do.

尊重: We will work as a team to maintain an atmosphere of cooperation, trust, and open communication. 

Social Responsibility: We will practice credit union advocacy as part of our social responsibility within our communities.

服务: We are dedicated to delivering top-notch service to our members by providing products tailored to their financial needs. Our approach is characterized by professionalism and efficiency, delivering seamless service to our members and team.

The Credit Union Difference

Understanding what sets credit unions apart is crucial to appreciating why they remain an essential and highly favored financial alternative for nearly 90 million Americans. As a member and owner of a credit union, you'll experience the convenience and technological benefits of a major bank with the community-minded values of a local business.

A Not-for-Profit Approach

At the heart of credit unions lies the principle of "People Helping People." Our existence is not focused on maximizing profits but on empowering people with financial support and guidance. Every member is valued, and the unwavering commitment to this philosophy drives credit unions and their employees to actively participate in community charitable activities and meaningful causes.


Credit unions are purposefully established to uplift and empower individuals rather than being solely fixated on profit maximization. This distinctive mission allows us to prioritize each and every member, guaranteeing them unparalleled service and unwavering support. Our commitment to valuing every member drives not only our credit unions but also motivates our employees to engage enthusiastically in community charitable and meaningful activities and social causes.

Profits that Benefit You

在我们的信用社, our exclusive dedication revolves around catering to our members, prioritizing their interests over the pursuit of maximizing profits for external stakeholders. The unique ownership structure of the credit union lies within its membership, obviating the need for issuing stock or distributing dividends to external shareholders. 而不是, our earnings are channeled back to our members in numerous ways, offering you the advantages of lower loan rates, higher interest on deposits, 减少费用.

When you are a member and owner of TENCU, you receive the following:

  • Fewer and lower fees than banks
  • Lower interest rates on loans
  • Above market rates on deposits
  • 优质的服务
  • Our commitment to your financial well-being